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I am a third-year student at Stanford University, pursuing majors in computer science and mathematics, a minor in creative writing, and a coterminal masters in computer science. I co-teach CS 106S in the Stanford School of Engineering, a survey course on coding for social good. In 2020, I was named a U.S. Presidential Scholar.

My research specialises in applying machine learning to the medical imaging, climate science, and resource sustainability areas, investigating recent advances in meta-learning and deep representation learning. I'm affiliated with the Stanford AI Lab, Stanford Network Analysis Project (SNAP) group, and Medical AI Lab at Harvard Medical School as a visiting fellow. I previously worked on image-to-text models with the Stanford NLP Group, in collaboration with Google AI.

Outside of major study, I love to read and explore literature. I'm broadly concerned with the short story as a phenomological object, its embedding of conscious living experience. A recent fascination has been the lyricism and iconography of queer storytelling, understanding the aesthetics of detail through the frame of cultural, mythological, and amorous semiotics.

Email: bbyan [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu

Pronouns: he/they

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  • May 2023: The happiest news of my college experience—leaving, at least temporarily. I'll be studying abroad next year, winter quarter, at Oxford University. Tutorial TBD.
  • February 2023: Accepted into the Computer Science M.S. program at Stanford! 🎉🎉 I plan to concentrate in AI.


See my Google Scholar page.


Some of my favorite classes (listed in no particular order):

  • English 190YA: Young Adult Fiction
  • English 92: Reading & Writing Poetry
  • English 90: Fiction Writing
  • English 24Q: Leaving Patriarchy
  • English 17Q: 21st Century Science Fiction Odyssey
  • English 9CE: Creative Expression in Writing
  • PWR 2BRC: Adapting, Rebooting, and Remaking
  • CS 109: Probability for Computer Scientists
  • Math 63DM: Discrete Modern Mathematics
  • Math 108: Intro to Combinatorics & Applications

Recent Watches I've Loved

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)
  • Lady Bird (2017)
  • Arcane (2022)
  • Cunk on Earth (2022)

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