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About Me

Hi! I'm a student at Stanford University, studying Mathematics (BS), Creative Writing (Minor), and Computer Science (BS, MS). At Stanford, I teach CS 106S: Coding for Social Good; tutor for the Math Department (MATH 18, 19, 20, 21, 51); and am involved with CS + Social Good, Math Organization, Stanford SciOly, and Golden Gate SciOly. This winter term ('24), I'll be at Oxford University, pursuing a tutorial in Creative Writing.

Email: bbyan [at] stanford [dot] edu

"Sometimes, a man has to steal an animatronic badger to stay in this crazy game called life" — Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

Featured Works


† indicates equal senior authorship

Style-Aware Radiology Report Generation with RadGraph and Few-Shot Prompting

Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (Findings, Long Papers), 2023

Yan, B., Liu, R., Kuo, D.E., Adithan, S., Reis, E.P., Kwak, S., Venugopal, V.K., O’Connell, C.P., Saenz, A., Rajpurkar, P. , Moor, M.

MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Neural Networks

MICCAI International BrainLesion Workshop (Conference Paper), 2021

Yan, B.B., Wei Y., Jagtap, J.M.M,. Moassefi, M., Garcia D.V.V., Singh Y., Vahdati S., Faghani, S., Erickson, B.J., Conte, G.M.


Style-Aware Radiology Report Generation with RadGraph and Few-Shot Prompting

EMNLP Main Conference, 2023

Percolation, Phase Transitions, and Global Connectivity in Lattices

Stanford Math Directed Reading Program (DRP) Colloquium, 2023

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